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Sol Kitties – One Ambitious Solana NFT Project – 3D Mint Now!

3D Mint Today – April 21, 19:00 UTC

Sol Kitties is a one of a kind NFT project that happens when the sexy, the smart and the strong are rolled together into one. It seems to have that X Factor that’s noticeable from across the blockchains. It is an ambitious MetaVerse ready Solana NFT project that puts weight on technology and community. It aims towards steadily growing returns for its users through multiple channels.

The project is truly massive, therefore I highlight here only key aspects, but I attach their whitepaper and all their links to the bottom of the article.

Rewarding Quality Collections

Sol Kitties brings 2 incredible collections onto the Solana Blockchain, both with mind melting art and crazy utilities. They launched with a 2D collection which has been a massive success. Staking 2D kitties, grants their holders passive earnings. Now, the 3D collection is being launched. 3D kitties will serve mainly as entries to their upcoming Play to Earn video game experience.

Both collections have been designed with great care to please the eye and to offer something exciting and unique to all holders. Some kitties were made to resemble pop culture figures, while others are limited only by your imagination.

Exciting Utilities

Sol Kitties stands tall with their own currency, Kitty Coins. This can be earned both passively by staking 2D kitties and actively by playing the soon launching video game with the 3D kitties.

Currently Kitty Coins exist on Sol Kitties Discord server, however the next version of this, an on-chain token called $SKT, is already in development.

Advanced Technology

Sol Kitties is one step ahead of the game when it comes to technology. They have their own unique in-house WEB 3 systems, this include staking and lottery. Aside from that, their Discord tech is one of the most advanced in the space, making everything easy and agile for everyone. They seem to always look for scalability in ways that brings the greatest benefit for everyone.

Community Driven Experience

What really makes Sol Kitties special is their drive to satisfy the community while protecting and delivering upon their vision. It’s a project that listens and works hand in hand on several aspects with their holders. That’s not an easy thing to do, it requires clear vision, great organization, right execution and plenty more; they have all that.

The Team

Behind Sol Kitties, there is a team with over 10 years of experience in the video game industry. In the past 2 years they have shifted attention over the crypto space, to focus on NFTs. They have been doxxed several times during their journey and took part in high profile AMAs, like by Magic Eden.

Something Special – Solana Lottery

Sol Kitties launched earlier this week a lottery on the solana blockchain with NFT prizes from renowned projects, worth over 100 SOL. Tickets can be purchased for only 0.15 SOL until April 21.

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