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Upcoming Solana NFT Projects to be Excited About

More and more NFT projects launch daily, and it’s impossible to research and keep track of every single one. Here, I wrote about upcoming Solana NFT projects that I consider minting myself.

Colorful Cats

Colorful Cats is an NFT project that comes with Real Life utility. A restaurant in the Bay Area will be funded through the project’s mint funds. Colorful Cats holders will get exclusive perks at the restaurant such as discounted prices and will be able to participate in special holder events.

Even though their restaurant will be located in the Bay Area, their goal is to benefit all holders around the world. Holders will get royalties, but not in the usual way that’s based on secondary sales. Instead, the project promises royalties that will come from restaurant revenues such as sales, but also from merchandise, as they consider these a more reliable source of income.

The project promises Web 3.0 support.

Colorful Cats mint is TBA.

Mysterious Vegan Ape

Mysterious Vegan Ape is MV’s second project, it follows their Genesis collection. MVA is a high quality ape collection with a supply of 2222, and it is the only ape collection that I am currently interested in.

MV has a solid track record with their first collection and they are aiming to the moon right now. They have their own token already, $MTV. The team is planning to launch a staking system, a revenue sharing NFT Launchpad, and a Mysterious Vegan gallery. Their goals also include the implementation a of DAO system and high involvement in the Metaverse. Best thing, they have their own music.

Mysterious Vegan Ape is minting on March 28.


Skull Club is a simple, yet promising community focused NFT project with a strong roadmap. They promise that 90% of the generated royalties will got to the community. 50% will be redirected towards airdrops for Generation 1 holders and 40% towards player rewards in their Play to Earn minigame. The remaining 10% would aim marketing and project efforts.

Their team is also going to purchase and mint Skull Club NFTs for further giveaways.

Skull Club also plans to develop a 2nd Generation collection with a detailed 3D art style, and fund their P2E game from its mint.

Skull Club is minting on March 25.

Note: this article doesn’t serve as any kind of advice. DYOR.

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